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49” Universal Mount Lawn Tractor Plow with Lift Handle


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Nordic Plow’s 49” Lawn Tractor Plow, features our patented lightweight rounded edge blade, which is made of a proprietary PC/ABS composite material, and includes all parts necessary to mount the unit to your vehicle – and it’s all made in the USA! In contrast to a steel, sharp edge plow, our rounded edge allows the blade to glide over difficult surfaces such as stone, paver bricks, gravel, turf and sidewalk cracks. The Nordic Plow can be used year round to clear snow, yard waste, sand, or any other material you need to move. Our new and improved design includes spring reflex action, so if the load is too heavy for your vehicle to handle, the blade will spring forward to warn you of the excessive weight. The spring action guards against damaging the plow and your expensive machine.

  • Convenient blade lift handle included
  • Lightweight yet extremely durable
  • Multiple position blade angles
  • Perfect for sensitive surfaces like paver bricks, and decorative stone etc..
  • Spring action blade
  • Made in the USA
  • Reversible rounded edge Blade
Blade Length:49"
Blade Height:19.5"
Blade Composition:Polycarbonate/abs

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