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Our Story

Nordic Plow LLC was formed in 2010 and is based in South Elgin, Illinois. The company was founded by Richard Behan, the inventor and designer of our original product, the Nordic Auto Plow. This product was an idea he had going back to his high school and college days. “It’s quite simple really, too many people suffer heart attacks and die each year from shoveling snow. Why not let your vehicle do the work!” With the urging from his wife, Paulette, who said “either make your idea happen or just let it go”, we formed the company. She had no idea what that nudge would create!

The key features of the initial plow design was it had to be lightweight, with a rounded edge that wouldn’t get caught on cracks or damage the turf. As a result of this simple yet novel idea, four utility patents have been obtained covering our line of products for all types of vehicles. Nordic Plow products includes lightweight, rounded edge plows for ATV’s, Lawn Tractors, Zero Turn Mowers, Golf Carts, and UTV’s. We replaced the heavy, metal plows with lightweight yet durable composite material and designed unique mounting systems for all types of vehicles.

We built on the success of those plows with three more exciting products – The Perfect Shovel , The EDGE, and The Core Solutions. The Perfect Shovel replaced the vehicle with the “Person”, so one’s body weight can easily push the snow using its ergonomically designed handle, rounded edge and adjustable angle blade. The EDGE took our curved or rounded edge to another level, allowing highway and commercial plow trucks to attach this patented cutting edge to the bottom of their plows. Our design significantly reduces friction, which reduces damage to the equipment, the truck, the driver, and the ROADS! The Core Solutions line of products are used on golf courses and sports turf around the world, reducing labor costs and damage to the turf during the aeration process. When attached to standard turf equipment, out Core Solutions replaces the work of 3 people in half the time.

Rich, Paulette and their management team, headed by Ken Lester, bring decades of experience from the finance and service industry to their roles at Nordic. Customer service and satisfaction are keys to our success. We encourage feedback from our customers – in fact, some of our best product enhancements were the results of your recommendations. Whether you plan on using our products on your sidewalks and driveways, on our roads or highways, or on your golf courses or stadium turf, please accept our sincerest thanks for your patronage.

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