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3″ Thick Polyurethane Curved Cutting EDGE


Curved 3″ Thick Polyurethane Cutting EDGE


Nordic Plow’s Polyurethane Curved EDGE is perfect for small, medium duty¬† and larger trucks. The polyurethane curved EDGE helps prevent the plow from getting caught on all of the usual and unusual obstacles that you will inevitably encounter. This helps prevent damage to the plow, your vehicle and the multiple surfaces that are often scraped up or tore up while plowing.

  • Saves on expensive property damage. (one saved claim more then pays for the cost of the EDGE)
  • Sold in 3′ and 4′ lengths to match different length plow blades
  • Drill your own holes to match your specific hole pattern
Blade Length:4 ft
Blade Height:6"
Blade Composition:Polyurethane
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